Public amenities block overlooks waterfront


A fresh new amenities block located on the water’s edge draws on the nautical surround.


  • Area70m2
  • TypePublic. New Build.
  • BuilderKingdom Constructions Group
  • StructuralStructural Bureau
  • ClientHobsons Bay City Council
  • PhotographyDaniel Fuge
  • RendersEric Law

The Brief

The brief was for a breezy light amenities block that responded to the unique waterfront context. The facility needed a positive public outlook and provide privacy to users whilst discouraging anti-social behaviour.

The client wanted to showcase best practice ESD in action; rainwater tanks, material selection, and energy use.

Butterfly roof supported on white circular steel columns

The Design

The butterfly roof is supported by circular white columns that replicate the masts of yachts moored nearby. The fragmented plan and orientation allow for both casual overlooking from the street and privacy to adjacent housing. The porthole windows in the timber screens draw on the nautical context.

The Materials

Robust materials were selected for long term marine durability, and minimal maintenance. The palette of white against greying timber is at one with the waterside location.

White timber privacy screens with portholes
  • Residential

    A deck for my friends. This home is opened out to its deeply established garden so there is now a glorious outdoor living space for a household of entertainers.