Small living can be good living when targeted improvements revitalize this stock standard unit.


Small kitchen with retro styling

The Existing

The existing interiors were in original condition, the living area was too small and the spaces got too cold and too hot. But there was lovely North sunlight and views- this place had good bones.

Sunny small kitchen

The Design

Some simple internal wall relocations created a comfortable living space, a family sized bathroom and functional kitchen with european laundry. All juggled within the existing footprint.

Blackbutt flooring and a gently coloured palette of tiles, cabinetry and stone add richness and depth, whilst carefully designed storage means apartment living isn’t cramped.

The floors, walls, and ceiling were insulated, and a skylight brings in daylight. Ceiling fans and layers of thermal blinds mean that living here is much more comfortable and consumes less energy.

Super white dolomite stone benchtop

Client Feedback

From the owner:

Our unit is a totally different place; light, warm, spacious, and contemporary. Robinson Architecture really worked our small budget for maximum outcome.

Mid century style Kitchen shelves
Danpalon internal door allows extra sunlight into the Living Room


A timber framed door with Danpolan multicell polycarb instead of glass means there is acoustic protection between the Bedrooms and Living, whilst allowing the afternoon sun to filter through.

Mid century front door


A splash of colour to the front door links through to the new internal colour palette.

Coloured front door
Blackbutt floorboards

New Floorboards

The old floorboards were marked, yellowed soft pine. These were retained with new solid timber Blackbutt boards layed over the top. Sub floor insulation was installed underneath. The result is a beautiful robust floor without drafts or heat loss.

European laundry

European Laundry

The washing machine and laundry shelving is discreetly concealed in the Kitchen cabinetry.



The vanity basin doubles as a laundry trough allowing for a proper family sized bathroom.

Family sized bathroom in apartment with Japanese styling
Floor Plan before the alterations with cramped Living room and Laundry in the Bathroom

Before- Plan

The unit had been rented for a long time and was very neglected, as well as dark and poky.

Floor Plan after the internal refurbishment with a spacious Living, family sized Bathroom and Kitchen with pantry.

After- Plan

Internal wall changes were kept to a minimum due to budget.

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    An inviting but robust new beachside amenities block nestles into its parkland surround, with a roof rising to greet the sea.